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70" Heavy Duty Verge Flail Mower, EMHD-180 from Victory TI

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Brand: Victory Tractor Implements


  • Spiral Flail shaft for more efficient operation
  • Hinged rear gate for better maintenance
  • PTO included, free shipping, 2 years warranty
  • Mowing angle from -55 to +90 degrees
  • Maximum extension from center of tractor to the right edge is 118 in.

Details: EMHD-70 True Heavy Duty Ditch Flail Mowers from Victory Tractor Implements, PTO (64") Shaft included. Our EMHD-Series (Embankment Mower Heavy Duty) flail mowers are ideal for ditches, embankments, hedges, debris, vines, and other vegetation. This flail mower with its hydraulic swivel arm is designed to fit tractors with 55HP to 85HP engines and connects to your CAT II 3-point hitch. Performance features: Our EMHD Ditch Flail Mower series is equipped with a high-performance gearbox which maximizes the performance of the mower when matched to the proper tractor size. The hydraulic swivel arm allows for maximum flexibility and a mowing range angle from -55 degrees to +90 degrees. The maximum distance from the center of your tractor to the right side of the mower when in the horizontal position is up to 118” (model 70). The hydraulic swivel arm not only allows mowing in almost any position, but it also saves maneuvering in narrow corners when used as a regular flail mower. Your tractor needs 2 double acting hydraulic control circuits in order to fully operate the swivel arm. Safety features: Our mower uses 16 large forged steel galvanized high-performance flails (hammers). Each flail weighs 1,200 grams (2.45 pounds U.S.), ensuring a perfect mowing result on grass & undergrowth, as well as bushes & hedges. The mowing height is adjusted at the heavy self-cleaning rear roller to prevent the mower from cutting into the ground on bumpy surfaces. The height adjustment ranges from ¾” up to 3 3/4 “. It adjusts both at the rear roller and the side skids.

EAN: 0691965698335