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60" Motorized ATV Flail Mower

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Color: Black


  • 60" ATV-150 flail Mower, Tractor independent
  • 15HP Briggs&Stratton Gasoline Engine, 420 ccm
  • Electric Start, Battery included, self charging
  • Connect to all kinds of vehicles with standard 2" hitch hookup
  • Centrifugal clutch with 3 belt drive system
  • Mower can be offset to either side
  • Free shipping & 2 years warranty

Details: 60" ATV-150 flail mower - 15HP Briggs&Stratton gasoline engine 60" Flail mower, ATV with 4-stroke Briggs&Stratton gasoline engine for car trailer hookup Powerful flail mower (Tractor independent) Victory's ATV mowers comply with all safety regulations and comply with California Environmental Regulations. > Motorized Flail mower with 60" Mowing width. > 15HP Briggs&Stratton Engine with factory warranty. > Mows grass and undergrowth up to 15" high. > Connects to all vehicles with standard 2" Hookup. > Mower offsets both to the right (69") and to the left (80"), from the middle of your vehicle. > Electric Start, Battery included (self-charging). > Total operating weight 580 lb. (ATV-150) Free Shipping, 2 years warranty✓ Victory's ATV-flail mowers are powerful machines that can be operated with virtually any vehicle with a standard 2" trailer hookup. The mower is powered by a 420 ccm 4-stroke one-cylinder gas engine with 15 hp / 11kw at 3600 RPM. You no longer need a tractor with PTO shaft support, because you can now use a professional flail mower with your own vehicles such as your Pickup truck, SUV, Quad / ATV / UTV, or lawn tractor. For easy operation, there is an emergency breakaway cut-off switch and an ATV mount throttle adjustment control. Please also check out the new large rear service gate we have added to the 2021 version of our ATV mowers which gives you easy and fast access to most serviceable parts. Victory's 3-belt drive system with centrifugal clutch made-in-Germany The newly developed ATV-flail mower has made crucial design improvements. The introduction of the three-belt-drive system with a made-in-Germany high precision clutch leads to a drive system that has a virtually 100% power transfer rate with virtually 0% belt slippage for years. Belt slippage on belt systems is a major issue leading to belt failure. Our belt tension system avoids this which not only saves money and downtime but also means that our new powerful 15hp engine

EAN: 0680665944804