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15-Inch 5-Blade Manual Lawn Mower, Push Reel Lawn Mower with Detachable Grass Catcher, Adjustable Cutting Height Push Mower Manual Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers Rotary Mower, 2 Wheels, Easy to Use

by Pazidom
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Brand: Pazidom

Color: Green


  • Easy to Use: This is a manual lawn mower that is easy to use and easy to push. This mower is super easy to assemble and can cut almost any kind of grass and the mowing process is quite simple. The manual push mower it require some pushing, especially on the initial push each time, but it will be a good, light workout. Once you get started, it goes from one end to the other fairly smoothly.(This is a manual push unit and you shouldn't expect it to behave like an electric or oil burning one.)
  • High Performance: The push reel mower has a cutting width of 15" with 8.5-inch polymer wheels for great maneuverability. It makes it easier to get through tight areas and around obstacles than larger mowers. With 5 sharp steel blades and a cutting height range from 0.5" to 2", the push reel mower is perfect for cutting all types of grass. When using this product, try to avoid rocks, sticks, trash, etc.(This is a standard mowing procedure regardless of the type of mower you are using)
  • Removable Grass Catcher: Hand-push mowers come with a removable grass catcher. This collection bag prevents grass from littering your lawn while you can recycle it for reuse. Very convenient and environmentally friendly.
  • Environmentally Friendly: This hand-push mower does not require fuel or electricity and does not produce any harmful fumes. This is very friendly to the environment. You get to breathe clean air even while mowing! It is also friendly to you and your neighbors as it does not produce loud and noisy sounds compared to traditional gasoline mowers.
  • Applications: It's everything you need for a 1/4 acre or smaller yard. The 15-inch 5-blade hand mower is very environmentally friendly and works well. No more fumes, oil changes, trips to the gas station, or hard starts. children 8 and up can easily push it to mow. If it's too hard to push, use the lever near the wheel to raise the blade height in less than 10 seconds. It's basic and small, but it gets the job done. I'd say it would be a good, light workout.

Part Number: Manual Lawn Mower