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JinKeHong Robot Lawn Mower, WiFi Enabled Automatic Mower with Bluetooth App and Boundary Wire, Preset Working Hours and Break Times, Automatic Return to Charging, for Lawns Up to 2700 Sq Ft

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Brand: JinKeHong


  • 【Intelligent Safety Detection】: It can estimate whether the circuit is overloaded, if the circuit is overloaded, the robotic lawnmower will stop working to protect the internal circuit. And the built-in automatic ultrasonic sensor detects obstacles ahead and automatically avoids
  • 【Intelligent Operation】: The robot lawn mower can control the wheels through the embedded intelligent software, such as forward, backward, left turn, right turn and other basic operations. Intelligent operation can be automatically adjusted according to different mowing methods
  • 【Automatic Rain Shelter】: When our lawn mower detects rain, it will return to the charger to wait for the lawn to dry. Although the body is protected from the rain, it knows not to mow the wet grass
  • 【Highly Intelligent Robot Lawn Mower】: Through the wifi remote control command of the built-in APP (EGROBOT) on the body, it can realize other functions such as directional walking and mowing, obstacle avoidance, switch and so on
  • 【Friendly】: The cutting disc is closer to the edge than other lawn mowers, so you need to do less trimming later, and this robot is much quieter than ordinary lawn mowers, it only emits a soft humming sound, it is easy call out

Part Number: TY0201000420

Details: 【Product advantages】 *Robot lawn mower can set working time and rest time in advance *Users can set the anti-theft password of the robot lawn mower to prevent loss * After entering the mowing area, start adjusting the blade for cutting. When someone or an animal approaches the blade, the robotic lawnmower will automatically stop * Automatically detect grass, density, control the length of cutting process * When the battery is low, it will automatically return to the charging mode, which is non-contact electromagnetic induction charging 【Product parameters】 Rated power: 85W Noise: ≤60db Blade cutting quality: 4pcs Cutting height: 2.5-5.5cm Cutting width: 28cm Cutting speed: 35m/min Blade speed: 3000rpm HIL Capability: 30 degree maximum slope Maximum ambient operating temperature: 40° Size: 60*46.5*26.5cm

EAN: 8467249191630