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68" Centered Heavy Duty Flail Row Mower

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Brand: Farmer-Helper


  • Centered Commercial flail has 65 HP cast-iron gearbox
  • Multiple drive belts assure power to the blades.
  • Adjustable rear roller with mud scraper bar, heights of 0 to 6 inches
  • “Y” grass/rock blades are optional.
  • Under deck clump busters

Details: This commercial flail is ideal for mowing the growth between the rows and/or mulching your pruning in place. The mowing width on the FMC is centered behind your tractor for easy control of where you mow. The FMC has a strong box channel 3-point frame and a deck with additional reinforcement. Under the deck. You have clump buster bars that assist the mulching action of this flail. Comes with our 27 ounce EFGC all crop hammer style blades installed. These blades chop grass, weeds and brush in one pass. Overall Width: The FMC 175 has a overall width of 75″. Cutting Width: The FMC 175 has a tilling width of 69″. Weight: The FMC 175 has a weight 718 lbs. HP Requirements at PTO: The FMC 175 requires 34 - 65 PTO horsepower. Cutting Height: The FMC series has a 0" - 6" Adjustable to meet various height requirements Housing Material Thickness: The FMC series has a housing of Reinforced 6 gauge. Side Plate Thickness: The FMC series has a side plate thickness of 5/16". Blade Type: The FMC series uses standard hammer blade or reversible Y-blades. Each hammer blade weighs 1 lb. 11 oz made of cast steel (cast steel is much more durable than cast iron). The Y-blades weigh 10.9 oz. Use the hammer blades for clearing saplings (3" diameter or less), and the Y-blades for grasses. Number of Blades: The FMC 175 uses 28 hammer blades or 56 Y-blades. Precision Blade Overlap: On the FMC series the blades are staggered precisely with no gap in the mowing area. Blade overlap is important to achieve an even cutting result. Hinged Rear Gate: This allows for easy inspection, cleaning, blade changing, and maintenance of your machine. The rear gate can also be left open for easier discharge in heavy conditions, or you can close the gate to greater mulching.

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