1)  Table Mate II- Folding TV Tray Table

The table mate is perfect for watching tv and eating food!


2)  Vacuum Robot

The vacuum robot is perfect for cleaning the house daily.


3)  Echo Dot

Grandparents will love Amazon's echo dot and talking to alexa.

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4)  Digital Picture Frame

The digital picture frame is great for showing all those photos in one picture frame.


5)  Alcohol Ice Cubes

These ice cubes are great because they never melt and dilute the drink.


6)  Towel Warmer

The towel warmer is great for keeping warm after hopping out of the shower.


7)  Premium Plastic Playing Cards

These cards will last a lifetime and are great to play with.


8)  Egg Cooker

This egg cooker is great and easy for making hard-boiled eggs.

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9)  Kindle

The kindle is great for reading books outside due to its zero-glare screen.


10)  Electric Can Opener

The electric can opener is a great gadget for easy can opening.

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11) AntiSquirrel Bird Feeder

This bird feeder is great for stopping squirrels from eating all the bird food.  Now you can enjoy the birds.


12)  Mosquito Zapper

This ultimate mosquito bug zapper is the perfect fix for getting rid of backyard mosquitoes.