1)  Wall Fish Tank

This fish tank is perfect for beginners and looks amazing on the wall.


2)  Electric Razr Scooter

This electric scooter is super fun and fast!


3)  Silver Curb Necklace

This silver curb necklace are the essential of today's fashion wear.  This chain has the optimal length and size for a perfect, stylish look.


4)  The Wave Board Street Surfer

Children and adults will love riding this mix between a skateboard and surfboard.


5)  Door Alarm Room Defender

Boys will love this door alarm gadget.  It allows them to create their own passcodes and more!


6)  Hidden Book Safe

No one will notice this hidden book lockbox, and it is perfect for locking up valuables with its combo lock.


7)  Pull Up Door Bar

This pull-up bar is a great home fitness product.  It can hook onto any door frame and allow for a total body-weight workout to get shredded.  There are over 5 different exercises that this can be used for.

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8)  Apple Airpods

The Apple Airpods are the evolutionary wireless bluetooth headphones.  They are compatible with iPhones, Androids, and all other bluetooth devices.  Their sound quality is impeccable--10/10.

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9)  Water Metal Detector

This water metal detector is great for beaches.  You will be in the water finding unbelievable treasures all day.


10)  Junior Archery Set

This junior archery set is so fun and exciting.  Boys will have a blast learning this fun sport.


11)  Bicycle Pegs

Bicycle pegs are great for adding a friend to your bike.


12)  Bicycle Ramp

This bicycle ramp is cool for bikers or skaters who want to step up their thrill!


13)  Oakley Sport Sunglasses

Oakley Sport Sunglasses are the most popular name brand for sport sunglasses.   They are polarized and super stylish.


14)  Drone With Camera

You will have endless fun exploring the world with this drone.  It is compatible with smartphones so that live video and pictures will go straight to your device!


15)  Saxx Underwear

Saxx underwear is the most comfortable underwear for men.  It has a patented "ballpark pouch" inside the underwear for supreme comfort.  Also, it is made of polyester and spandex material which makes it stretchy and comfortable.


16)  Pool Cue Stick

This amateur pool cue stick is great for stepping up your pool game and on the way to becoming pro.


17)  Beats Pill

The Beats Pill is the most power-punching speaker for its size.  It is bluetooth so it can be wireless.

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18)  Spike Ball

Spike ball has become a classic backyard game that boys love play.

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19)  Marble Racers

These marble racers are awesome.  You are able to build and create your own intricate racing structures.  Plus, you are able to race other people!  It is so fun, creative, and competitive.


20)  Airsoft Guns With Target

These airsoft guns are super fun, and they come with a target so that you can work on your skills.


21)  Metal Detector

Metal detectors are so much fun for kids.  They will love finding buried treasures almost everywhere.